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Case Studies

We are your trusted choice for a diversified selection of Seamless Epoxy/Urethane coatings and toppings for today’s most demanding floor and wall protection challenges.

Helping businesses for decades…

We’ve been helping businesses for decades, and we’ve got the history to prove it. Please view our case studies from various industries. In each situation, the HammerTek Smart Elbow provided a money saving solution for various problems including streamers, fines, elbow wear, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, turbulence, and tight space requirements.

Plastic Case Studies

RheTech - Revisited:

Six years after installation, the Smart Elbow® has provided years of maintenance free production and still eliminates streamers.


Streamers were choking off lines to the injection machine—the Smart Elbow was the simple solution.

RheTech, Inc:

Smart Elbows are installed and finally end the nasty problem of elbow wear from plastic pellets.

Acro Extrusion:

When everything failed, including stainless steel sweep elbows, Acro Extrusion turned to HammerTek’s Smart Elbow.

Rensselaer Plastics Co.:

Elbow wear and angel hair are long forgotten memories at Rensselaer plastics.

Abrasives Case Studies

Carbo Ceramics:

The Smart Elbow® helps a ceramic manufacturer eliminate troublesome leaks and significantly reduce maintenance requirements.

Fiberglas Canada:

Clogging was a major problem in transferring abrasive material in a fiberglass process. The resulting operating inefficiencies were ended with the Smart Elbow.


Ground barite wore through elbows every 90 days until the installation of the Smart Elbow.


The Smart Elbow stopped silicone aggregate from wearing through Stonhard’s elbows.

Western Paving Corporation:

Granite dust created many elbow wear problems until the Smart Elbow was installed.

Essroc Materials Inc.:

The Smart Elbow clears up a sticky situation when Essroc had troubles conveying their cement dust.

Grain Case Studies

Miller Brewing Co.:

Limited space made the Smart Elbow® a good candidate. Excellent quality made the Smart Elbow Miller’s top choice.

National Oats Co.:

When paying for constant replacement of expensive ceramic lined elbows became too costly, National Oats found a simple solution in HammerTek’s Smart Elbow.

Quaker Oats:

Sweep elbow wear through was a serious problem until the Smart Elbow was installed.

Pulp & Paper Case Studies

British Columbia:

Pneumatic conveying of wood chips is no problem with the Smart Elbow® a good candidate. Excellent quality made the Smart Elbow Miller’s top choice.

Northwood Pulp & Timber:

Bark and sawdust wearing on 12″ elbows is a major problem that’s easily solved with the Smart Elbow.

Power Case Studies

North Incinerator:

The Smart Elbow® proves lime is no match for it making repeated shutdowns a thing of the past.

North Incinerator-Environmental Impacts:

The Smart Elbow provides real environmental solutions at an energy plant.

Peco Energy:

When magnesium oxide began wearing through Peco Energy’s stainless steel elbows, the Smart Elbow met the challenge.

Wastewater Treatment Case Studies

Upper Occoquan Water Reclamation Plant

After trying a variety of elbows, all of which failed, the Upper Occoquan Water Reclamation Plant discovered the Smart Elbow® and has been running without a blowout ever since.

Alexandria Sanitation Authority:

With the 45 million gallons it handles each day, Alexandria Sanitation could only trust the Smart Elbow® to handle their needs.

We are Correpro. We are your trusted partner for installing the highest quality floor and wall protection systems that will stand the test of time - Guaranteed.