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HammerTek Correpro (Canada)

We are your trusted choice for a diversified selection of Seamless Epoxy/Urethane coatings and toppings for today’s most demanding floor and wall protection challenges.

Innovation since day one.

HammerTek is the inventor and manufacturer of the Smart Elbow®. Having recognized a need for extremely wear resistant and space efficient elbows, the designers created a revolutionary elbow that operates by deflection.

The Smart Elbow is a breakthrough in pneumatic and slurry conveying. Elbow wear, surging, product damage, plugging, and continual downtime are now nuisances of the past.

Contact us to learn more about how the Smart Elbow can solve your conveying problems.

Markets Served

The Smart Elbow®, with its revolutionary design, has made it a versatile solution for many industries worldwide. In each industry the Smart Elbow has provided tried and true resultsl.

Video Overviews

To illustrate how the Smart Elbow® uses ingenious engineering to create a deflection zone that reduces product degradation and elbow wear, we’ve included video demonstrations.

Case Studies

Helping businesses for decades, and we’ve got the history to prove it. Please view our case studies from various industries. In each situation, the HammerTek Smart Elbow provided a money saving solution.

We are Correpro. We are your trusted partner for installing the highest quality floor and wall protection systems that will stand the test of time - Guaranteed.